Wintertime Surfing: My Remedy for Hacking Anxiety

Can’t you help your anxiety? Are you waiting for someone to approach you in order to motivate you? Are you waiting for Godot or some type of aid to let you out of your bed and make you a happy person or waiting for a miracle to happen? Why so dears? According to the Why not you yourself are up for it? Motivation comes from inner self so stay up for your own right in the society. Therefore, time has come to make your decision to stay happy and hack your anxiety by being motivated.

Out of all therapies, one of the therapies which therapist now a days are suggesting for anxiety is surfing in winter and winter is coming. Make your life best by doing adventures in your life. Why just sitting on sofa watching TV or thinking something pessimistic which make your health more badly? Instead come out and enjoy nature, feel yourself, listen your own voice and start packing to go out on a sea shore or in ocean in winter. Ah you might be feeling chilly but it gets amazing when you start surfing in winter and every time wave touches your face, it will be more entertaining and enjoying for you. I myself have gone through it and tried surfing; found it a great remedy to start a new life.

Last year, I was suffering from great anxiety due to family pressure for getting married. I really get anxious and nervous when somebody talked to me about it rather I want to focus on my career more. One of my friends suggested the idea and luckily, it was winter time. I packed my luggage and was out for surfing. Lovely, I really can’t tell in words but I found that it’s a dream to move along with the waves in extreme coldness in cold after the other, 8 foot crests creased into the perfect emerald green cylinders as the offshore wind gusted ends of smog out to the sea.

Lightheaded, I hurried back to my car and taken out my warm clothes to wear. I hardly felt the cold wind thumping against my bare skin and treaded in my mushy wet suit, clutched my surfboard again and ran towards the water. I felt that I wasn’t ever having any anxiety and felt relieved, that’s called being in zone. One of the professor and co-director at Center for Collaborative Brain Research in Bradley University, Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin elucidates that state of peak performance or being in zone is the best remedy for treating anxiety. He explained it well that “When you’re ‘in the region,’ you’re in that truly enjoyable state of parasympathetic modality, that resting and relaxing state. In a class Russell-Chapin communicates on asthmatic inhalation, she tells her students that they can accomplish calm focus in their daily life by keeping fit themselves to respire through their diaphragms.

Most of the studies acknowledge that cold water is the startup for brain. It has quite unique effects on the body including number of psychological benefits. By submerging the body in cold water aids our mood by inspiring the release of endorphins. It guides heaps of electrical whims to our brain, creating an effect like electroshock therapy that helps to treat depression. Therefore, if you really want to fight your anxiety, try out in some cold water and have fun with health!

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