What is Vitamin C  ?

Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin and also known as L-ascorbic acid  which is naturally found in about every food we consume in daily basis. Some have less value of vitamin c and others have more value like guava etc…

Vitamin C is important in your body to form tissue and repair cells and is used to make a protein to form a skin and heals wound from scare tissues in your body .

Some animals vitamins C their own and some are not but human have to take vitamin C from outside like fruits and vegetables , Also it can be made in laboratory made this vitamin . Some experts recommend to take vitamin C from natural sources included fruits and vegetables and rich in source fruits are citrus fruit. They never recommend to take vitamin C from supplement cause their in-effectiveness procedure. Historically it is used to treat scurvy disease but now it’s rare.

These days some dietitian use this vitamin to preventing and treatment of some common cold. Some doctors used to treat Gum disease , skin infections and acne conditions.and other disease immunodeficiency virus, Tuberculosis TB and stomach ulcer infection in lower intestine and other skin infections. Some people used vitamin C for depression, physical and mental problem and fatigue .

Actually Vitamin C is very helpful to prevent clot in blood vessels ( veins and arteries ) . Helpful to eliminate risk of heart attack and blood pressure problems and high cholesterol etc…


What Vitamin C do in Your Body ?

It’s very important nutrition that our body needs and got very busy job some of the benefits are as follow .


-It helps to absorb iron from plant foods like grains and vegetable

– It helps to keep human gums healthy

– It helps to cure wound and cut and protect you from bruise.

-IT helps to make tissue that holds bones and tissue .

– It helps to form and repair tissue and vein and bones as well.

– It’s also anti oxidant that’s why it helps to prevent you  from risk of cancer


Daily Needs of Vitamin C ?

Here is simple way to take you value of Vitamin C by just taking 1 glass of orange juice in morning and in evening take 1 cup of strawberry  will help you at least taking minimal value of Vitamin C in a day . Here is a chart where you can find your need:

1-3 year                    16 Mg/day

4-8 year                     21 Mg/day

9-13 year                  45 Mg/day

14-18 years Males and Females              72 to 85 Mg/day

19 years and older Males Females 90 75

Pregnancy <18 years       82  Mg/day

Pregnancy >19 years        86  Mg/day

Lactation <18 years           92  Mg/day

Lactation >19 years           95  Mg/day

Smokers                              Add 45 Mg in your usual day


Good Sources Of Vitamin C ?

Red bell pepper, Green bell pepper, Strawberries ,Kiwi Grapefruit juice Orange  Broccoli, Mango, Tomato, Potatoes, cooked Romaine lettuce,

You have to use these vegetable and fruits to get your minimal value of your daily need of vitamin C .


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