What is Vitamin B complex ?

What is Vitamin B complex ?

It’s composed of eight different vitamins listed below

B-1 also know as thiamine

B-2 also know as riboflavin

B-3  also know as niacin

B-5 also know as pantothenic acid

B-6 also know as pyridoxine

B-7  also know as biotin

B-9 also know as folic acid

B-12 also know as cobalamin

Each and every vitamin is essential for you body to function properly read it’s brief benefits and sources briefly and whether you need to take vitamins supplement to meet daily requirement of your body .

What are the main function and Benefits of vitamin B complex ?

Almost every vitamin is essential to your body and specifically to vitamin B complex it’s actually building block of your health life. It’s main function to maintain brain function, cell metabolism and energy level . It helps to prevent from lot of infection.

-Some of the main function listed below ;

-maintain cell health

-promote growth of red blood cells

-maintain energy levels

-helps to maintain good eyesight

-helps to maintain healthy brain function

-helpful for good digestion

-healthy appetite

-helps to promote  proper nerve function

-maintain hormones and cholesterol production

-improves and maintain cardiovascular health

-very helpful to maintain muscle tone

Benefits of vitamin B-complex ?

For women it is important to take vitamin B-complex and very helpful for fetal brain development and also very helpful to reduce risk of birth defects. Another benefit is it boost energy .

For men it’s very helpful to improve testosterone in men due to aging and help to maintain lean muscle and boost energy but many study support that argument but some are not.

How much Do you need Vitamin B-complex ?

These value are for women ,


B-1; 1.2 (milligrams) mg

B-2; 1.3 (milligrams) mg

B-3; 15 (milligrams) mg

B-5; 6 mg but RDA is not established

B-6; 1.6 (milligrams) mg

Biotin; 35 (micrograms) mcg RDA is not established

folic acid; 445 (micrograms) mcg

B-12; 2.4 (micrograms) mcg


These values are for men ,


B-1; 1.1 (milligrams) mg

B-2; 1.2 (milligrams) mg

B-3; 15 (milligrams) mg

B-5; 6 (milligrams) mg  but RDA is not established

B-6; 1.4 (milligrams) mg

Biotin; 32 (micrograms) mcg  but RDA is not established

folic acid; 405 (micrograms) mcg

B-12; 2.3 (micrograms) mcg


What is symptoms that lacking vitamins B-complex ?

That is the symptoms which is shown when you are lacking Vitamin B-complex.

  • skin rashes on your body
  • cracks around the mouth visible or feeling
  •  scaly skin on the lips feeling or seen
  •  swollen tongue feeling or seen
  • fatigue feeling
  •  weakness  feeling
  • anemia condition
  •  confusion every time
  •  irritability or depression feeling
  •  nausea
  •  abdominal cramps feeling
  •  diarrhea
  • constipation
  • feeling  tingling or numbness in the hands and feet .


If you see any of these symptoms and feel one of them . It’s the time you to go to the doctor and consult with him .


If your problem is normal your doctor will recommend any vitamin D complex supplement or if your conditions is sever then stick to the you doctor advice . Don’t Use any supplement which is not prescribed by your doctor ..

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