water or H2O !

Water is a molecule made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. It’s chemical formula is H2O. it is naturally found in liquid state. rivers ocean and lakes are made up of water. it has covered almost 71% of the earth. Pure water has no color,taste or smell. if water gets very cold (below 0 degree Celsius), it freezes and becomes ice and if it gets very hot (above 100 degree Celsius), it boils and become steam. it can dissolve many thing so it is also called the universal solvent. It is very important for life.
every living thing requires water for living . water gives growth to plants. human being needs water for living . water helps animal or people to digest food. water helps make urine. with the help of urine animal or people remove bad chemicals from their body .
people may survive few months without food but without water they will survive only 1 day or 2. some of desert animals can get enough water from their food to live but other must drink. 97% of water on earth is not fresh only 3 % of water is fresh to drink. The water in oceans is salt water but lakes and rivers is usually non salted water. On average, 70% of fresh water which comes from rivers and lakes is used to produce food , fruit and many other agriculture products. About 10% is used in domestic applications and 20% in industry.

The water which comes out from industries or mills contains lots of harmness and pollution in it. Industrial effluents are one of the main causes of water pollution. It includes high toxic organic chemicals , inorganic salts , heavy metals, oil and greases etc. Many places, including cities and villages do not have pure or fresh water to drink , they uses such water in their daily use. Which is very dangerous and harmful for their health . it causes different diseases.. the use of polluted water is not only devastating for people but also for animals and birds. It is hazardous to human health. unfortunately there are many diseases cause by water pollution, and they may be more dangerous than u think. Like HIV, CHOLERA, TYPHOID, DIARRHEA, DENGUE FEVER, STOMACH CRAMPS, LIVER DAMAGE, KIDNEY DAMAGE, THYROID DISORDER and many more. People must be aware of this and stop drinking such polluted water. While there is not a single step to stop water pollution , there are number of things by which we can reduce water pollution from our daily life. The best way to reduce pollution from water is not to clean the polluted water but to stop polluting it.

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