Vitamin A

Vitamin A is basic nutrient which body needs sufficient amount to regulate daily activity and make human fit for doing daily task. Vitamin is essential for skin, bones and mental health as well as overall health. it is work as antioxidant and fighting cell damage and useful for other body tissues. it’s other vital role in our body included supporting immune function, reproduction and cellular communication etc..

What is Vitamin A ?

Body needs essential vitamins for growth and maintain our body function to of total vitamins is vitamin A. it’s is group of multi un- saturated nutritional organic compound and it is fat soluble vitamin comes from plant and animal plays important role in our body for skin, brain and overall growth. vitamin is essential and helps skin membrane to repel bacteria and virus for any infection.Study also found vitamin A is crucial for activating vital chemical reaction in our body to maintain body strength against any infection or disease etc.
Vitamin comes from animal sources in the form of retinol, retinal and retinoic acids and fat soluble. Too much animal sources vitamin A can cause toxic reaction in our body cause it accumulate in our body
Vitamin also comes from plant and vegetable in the form of pro-vitamin A, also known as carotinoide that our body needs to convert it into Retinoids . Our body can generate vitamin A from these plants and fruits and it’s not stored in our body and can never give any toxic reaction to our body.

Signs of deficiency of Vitamin A ?

deficiency of vitamin is much observing in developing countries and also in under developed countries and it’s major signs include night blindness or in sever cases total blindness. It’s persistent deficiency allow other deadly disease to become persistent. Alcohol is basic factor in developing countries for deficiency in vitamin A.

Vitamin A oral supplement ?

Research conclude on specific conditions

-For deficiency ; taking Vitamin A who are in sever deficiency of vitamin A got lot of benefit taking vitamin A supplement
-For Acne ; large no.of people who are taking this vitamin oral doesn’t show any significant affect on acne.
-Measles ; children who are at increase risk of this vitamin deficiency are recommended to take vitamin A supplement for any sever problem. Study also suggest it reduce the death due to Measles.

Sources of Vitamin A ?

-Beef Liver; 716% DV per serving
-Lamb Liver; 213% DV per serving
-Cod Liver Oil; 163% DV per serving
-King Mackerel; 163% DV per serving
-Salmon; 43% DV per serving
-Bluefin Tuna ; 23% DV per serving
-Foie gras; 25% DV per serving
-Camembert; 21% DV per serving
-Goat Cheese : 10% DV per serving
-Butter : 13% DV per serving
-Limburger Cheese ; 15% DV per serving
-Cheddar; 12% DV per serving
-Roquefort Cheese 13% DV per serving
-Hard-Boiled Egg; 9% DV per serving
-Trout; 23% DV per serving
-Blue Cheese ;5% DV per serving
-Cream Cheese; 4% DV per serving
-Caviar; 3% DV per serving
-Feta Cheese 4% DV per serving

Supplements that offer vitamin A ?
Lot of supplements today offered by many companies to meat daily requirement of Vitamin A. If you want to take Vitamin A supplement then if you are consuming alcohol then you must stop alcohol consuming instantly because it stored in liver and will may toxic etc.
supplements that offered currently Vitamin A ?
We will list them after detailed review by consumer.

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