Introduction To Vitamins.

Introduction ?


A “vitamin” is  one of the organic compounds needed  by the body in trace amounts  to make our body  healthy and for proper growth in living things. First discovery of vitamins in the 20th century and first discovered by German physician his name Christian Eijkmann, who won the  Nobel prize in physiology and medicine. Almost all living creatures required vitamins for growth and health and every vitamin has particularly specific roles to play in body. The body either cannot make them at all or cannot normally make them in required amounts, and so must get them from food. They are crucial for a healthy life and  present to good health by  managing metabolism and helping the biochemical processes that transmit energy from digested foods. every reactions in the body require lot of vitamins and the deficiency or excess of any one can obstruct with the function of another. It’s fact that many vitamins still undiscovered. Eating a healthy and balanced variety of foods make certain taking enough vitamins weather we are informed of them or not.


Big roles of Vitamins in our body ?

vitamins are generally play crucial role in our body taking sufficient vitamins from our food make our health good and sustainable in this rough environment, not getting sufficient amount of vitamins may trigger to many disease like,

Scurvy: it’s disease resulting from lack of vitamin C. it’s main causes dried skin cause vitamin C important role in making collagen other symptoms included weakness,feeling tied and Sore arms and legs etc.. In old times sailor generally suffer this disease cause a more than 3 month in sea without vegetables extremely make deficiency of vitamin C in our body.

Blindness:  It’s main reason is deficiency of Vitamin A, in many developing countries people still suffering from blindness due to Vitamin A deficiency.

Rickets: it’s generally found in children cause of big deficiency of Vitamin D.Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the gastrointestinal tract. symptoms included soft or week bones in it’s sever problem lead to skeletal deformities such as bowed legs.


If it’s deficiency lead to many disease there are beautiful benefits of vitamins that we take sufficiently.

Strong bones: Vitamin D play vital role in make strong bones and other nutrition include vitamin K calcium combines together benefit to make strong bone ..

Prevents birth defects: taking folic acid  sufficiently by pregnant woman make their offspring healthy.

Healthy teeth: calcium and other vitamins make our teeth better and strong if we take vitamins in required amount.


List of Known Vitamins ?


Vitamin A; Vitamin A is required for  good vision,strong bones and healthy skin and other function to complete. It contribute cell reproduction. It also encourages immunity and is required for the manufacturing of some hormones. It’s also known as  Alpha carotene or beta carotene and sometimes retinol.

Vitamin B Complexes; Included vitamin B1,vitamin B2,vitamin B3,vitamin B6 etc…our body needs these vitamins to process carbohydrates, fat and proteins. it’s also known as  Thiamin or Aneurin. our body produces adenosine triphosphate with the help of thiamin. It’s the body main energy carrying molecule that supply energy to cells.VitaminB2 is vital for generation of energy and build for nerve cells.

vitamin C; Vitamin C is crucial for the making of collagen a kind of protein and needed for tissue repair. It’s required for metabolising phenylalanine and tyrosine more others included folic acid and iron. Vitamin C is also necessary for healthy defense and nervous systems due to it make strong blood vessels,cause it’s an antioxidant that play vital role  in oxidation-reduction reactions. Further More, it’s needed for using carbohydrates and synthesizing utilizing and fats.

vitamin D; Vitamin D is the  sparkle vitamin because it can be make by direct sunbeams on the skin. It’s an crucial vitamin exclusively for children due to it assist calcium, phosphorus to form linear, strong bones and teeth. In essence, vitamin D is required to absorb calcium and phosphorus to make bone.

Vitamin E; Vitamin E assist to make vitamin A and red blood cells, it contribute as a co-factor in many enzyme systems. It retains immoderate oxidation from happening that could cause dangerous effects in the body health.

Folic Acid; Folic acid is naturally component of vitamin B. It’s required in our bodies to build new cells. enough folic acid intake is regularly recommended for women who are pregnant or who are going to get pregnant in near future .

Vitamin H; Vitamin H is crucial to overall health from normal to development. Bacteria in the intestines mainly from large intestine make  enough Vitamin H for the body so that’s why most people would not required an additional supplement of vitamin H.


Vitamin K; Vitamin K is required for blood clotting and it’s only vitamin that is manufacture within the our body by bacteria that live in the intestinal tract ( large intestine ) . when we cook and process food  amount of vitamin K  in foods is lost.


Why we Need Vitamin Supplements :


Vitamins let our body to grow and develop. They also play vital roles in our body functions like immunity, metabolism and digestion. There are 13 essential vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C, D, and E and K vitamins such as vitamin B2 and vitamin B9. Research report from U.S. National Library of Medicine, the perfect way to meet your vitamin requirments  is to eat a balanced diet carrying a variety of foods. If you can’t come across your needs through food only, you  will require dietary supplements. Seek advice from your physian or dietitian before eating supplements.


Best example of vitamin supplement !


Skin Supplement; Vitamin A Rich

Muscles Supplements; rich in vitamin D and B complex and many other supplements in market,Rapid Tone Diet .




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