Introduction to Proteins !

Introduction to Protein !
Think about running,bicycling,swimming even we pick a cup of tea from table it consumes energy that body generate from what we eat. There are 6 basics nutrients that body needs to perform daily routine activities 3 of theme are macro-nutrients 1. Carbohydrates (discussed in previous article) 2. proteins 3. Fats, in this article we will discuss protein in general and will touch some parts with Health Related Supplements ( we get these nutrition from supplements ). Protein is large molecule that play many critical and vital roles in our body. it’s build and replace, maintain our body tissue to function properly and it’s made up of hundreds or thousands of very small units of amino acids, which are combined to one another in very long chains. In our body 20 different type of amino acid found that combined together called word protein. How amino acid combined together determines each protein s structure and it’s specific function in our body.

Sources of Proteins;
Everything we eat in our regular basis or here found in world eatable got feature of protein but we will discuss crucial sources or that sources which have plenty of protein in it and specific benefit to our body.

– Seafood’s ; included Fish,Roe, Shellfish, Crustaceans,Molluscs,Echinoderms,Tunicates, it’s very good source of protiensand cause it’s normally low in fat, in fish category salmon is high in fat, but normally it’s healthy diet for everyone.

– Milk, Yogurt , and Cheese ; almost every dairy product are rich in protein but on the other hand may not healthy to everyone subject to their specific health issue. why we discuss here cause it milk and yogurt got plenty of calcium and many more minerals that body needs to function well, calcium is crucial element for bine strength.

White meat poultry ; chicken is categorized in white meat and fish as well. four legs animal are categorized in red meat which may not healthy to everyone but big source of protein naturally. in chicken whit shade skin contains load of saturated fat which is unhealthy mostly to everyone.

Eggs ; it’s most cheapest protein on earth and tasty as well got almost 13 gram protein per 100 gram of egg ,and it’s contain number of nutrients that body needs daily to fuel our body and to maintain out body cell system etc…

Beans; it’s really fantastic source of protein to get different kind of protein which play impotent role in our body tissue to develop and to remain healthy, it’s other nutrients we get include fibers that excellently important for controlling blood sugar.

Soy foods ; it’s excellent source of protein if we consume 30% of soy protein daily it can help to low cholesrol level naturally that responsible for our bad health. it’s daily consumption may reduce heart attack’s other nutrients play important role in our body to make effective our metabolism system, but some of researcher say it’s poisonous when raw.

Benefits of eating protiens in Daily Diet ;

-controlling weight
-lean muscle building
-feeling healthy after exercise
-Disease Prevention

Proteins and it’s supplement ;
we discuss above in this article protien made up of amino acid, actually amino acid classfied into 2 types
1. essential amino acid ; Body can not produce naturally but we have to take it from outside in the form of food. it’s NINE essential amino acid which included leucine, lysine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, Isoleucine, etc…

2. non essential; which our body made internally that never need to take externally by our food . included histidine, aspartate, cysteine, glutamate, asparagine, glutamine, glycine, proline, serine, tyrosine, arginine, and aniline etc…

Why we need to take Supplements related to health !

it’s almost all kind protein we need we discuss in previous article we are getting enough nutrients from our food that should be cause of modern agriculture and depltion of soil and many more reasons that factors influence us to take Health relates supplements ,and internal factors also counted we need enough protein to maintain our body muscles that we can never get by our foods etc…

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