Jill Stein Platformfor 2016 and for 2020 !

Jill Stein Platformfor 2016 and for 2020 !

-Environment Action: Defending Mother World and Humanity
Start a WWII-scale nationwide mobilization medications weather change, the greatest risk to mankind in our history. Make 20 million jobs by moving to 100% clean power by 2030, and investing in riding on the bus, maintainable agriculture, maintenance and recovery of critical features, such as surroundings.
-Implement a Just Transformation that motivates those places and workers most affected by weather change and the conversion to your home economy. Ensure that any worker removed by the move away from non-renewable types of your will receive full income and benefits as they conversion to substitute work.
-Enact power democracy based on group, group and worker possession of our power program. Treat power as a personal right.
-Redirect research funds from non-renewable types of your into power and maintenance. Build a nationwide smart electricity lines that can pool and store power from a wide range of different resources, giving the nation clean, democratically-controlled, power.
-End dangerous power elimination and associated infrastructure: fracking, tar seashores, overseas discovery, oil teaches, mountaintop elimination, gas sewerlines, and uranium mines. Stop any investment in non-renewable power features, such as gas, and stage out all non-renewable power energy plants. Stage out nuclear power and end nuclear educational funding. End all educational funding for non-renewable types of your and encourage a green house gas fee / tax to charge polluters for the damage they have created.
-Protect our group areas, standard mineral water supplies, scientific wide range, recreational areas, and pollinators. Ban neonicotinoids and other bug fumigations that jeopardize the success of bees, seeing stars, and other pollinators.
-Support a strong enforceable international atmosphere contract that boundaries weather switch to no more than 1.5 levels Celsius and provides just economical settlement to developing countries.
-Label GMOs, and put a moratorium on GMOs and bug fumigations until they are proven protected.
-Support organic and regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and maintainable forestry.
-Protect the rights of years to come. Follow the Protection Concept. When something provides risks of harm to personal health and fitness or the surroundings, in the lack of purpose scientific contract that it is protected, prevention activities should be taken. The promoter of something, rather than people, should bear the responsibility of proof.
-Invest in clean air, standard mineral water, food and ground for everyone. Clear America.
-Enact more powerful environmental rights rules and activities to develop sure that low-income and places of color are not disproportionately affected by harmful contamination and other negative environmental and health and fitness effects.
-Support conversion to maintainable, non-toxic materials and the use of closed-loop, zero waste procedures.

Tasks as a Right, and Key Assistance for Labor

Create living-wage projects for every America who needs execute, changing lack of employment office buildings with profession office buildings. Government would be the company of last hotel, and the unemployed would have an enforceable right for making government offer execute. Create direct group profession, as the Works Improvement Management did, in group places services and group uses those who can’t find private profession.
Advance workers’ rights to form work labor unions, achieve office democracy, and keep a affordable percentage of the success they are.
Enact the Natural Deal full profession program to develop 20 million natural projects in maintainable energy, mass transportation, maintainable organic agriculture, clean production and enhanced features, as well as social execute, educating, health good care and interest, after school and home good care and interest, drug recovery and other service projects.
Provide allows and low-interest loans to natural businesses and cooperatives, with an concentrate on small, locally-based companies that keep the success created by local work circulating in the neighborhood, rather than being eliminated off to boost absentee traders.
Replace NAFTA and other corporate free company agreements that trade America projects, push salaries, and task the sovereign right of People and people of other countries to control their own economic system and governmental choices. Create affordable company guidelines that benefits local workers and places.
Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act which banned additional boycotts and allowed state “right-to-work” guidelines. Build a federal just cause law (to prevent capturing without just cause,) and outlaw scabbing on amazing workers.

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