Introduction to FATS or Triglyceride !

Introduction to FATS or Triglyceride !

Fat is basic essential nutrient of our body and it’s categorized as macro-nutrients with carbohydrates and protein. these are the main nutrients which body needs to generate energy in our body., taking sufficient amount of fat increase the efficiency of our body system but taking more fat than required causes many problems in our body. 1 gram of fat yield 9 calories it’s yield most energy than other macro nutrients i.e protein and carbohydrates. fat is also known as “Lipid”, “triglyceride”, “Oil” etc.

“we will discuss Fat here in simple words not in technical terms like it’s bonding and it’s elements etc etc.”

when we eat foods almost every food in our daily routine we actually intake different nutrient from one of them is fat. most of the fat we take is not bad for our health but may be there are some bad lipids we take through our daily routine diet like PIZZAS.Here we have to think about what kind of should we take and which are not so let’see.

Category of Fats ( triglyceride) ;
type of fats depends on it’s bonding and chemical structure cause all fat made up of chain of carbons that linked to hydrogen atoms. it’s chemical stretcher define it’s specific usage for our body whether it’s used for energy or used to build hormones on our body.

1. Saturated Fats ; saturated fat generally not good for health cause it’s increases LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol level in our blood which increase the risk of heart disease cause it’s made of totally carbon atom and link to hydrogen that;s why it’s solid at room temperature , all foods that we eat have mix of fats even healthy food which rich in protein contain saturated fat like chicken, saturated fat generally not good for health it’s generally found in animal foods but also seen in plant foods loike coconut oil palm oil etc. Biggest source of saturated fats include,
-Fatty beef
-Lamb meat
-Whole Milk and butter
-eggs and other dairy products
-palm oil and coconut oil
American heart Association recommends and appeal to young generation not to take more than 6% to 7% saturated fat from your daily diet.So if you eat 1500 calories so there must be between 70 to 90 calories from saturated fat.

2. Un-Saturated Fats ; it’s generally good for health cause low carbon atoms covered with hydrogen atoms and also liquid at room’s good for heart health cause it’s improve cholesterol level in our blood and generally found in plant foods like vegetable and it’s oil, fish and nuts. it further categorized in 2 types ,

— Monounsaturated fats: it’s characteristics include liquid in room temperature but not turned solid when refrigerate it source include Safflower oil , sun follower oil and nuts etc..

— Polyunsaturated fats: it’s stay liquid in both condition when refrigerate it or in room temperature never turned to solid. sources include Walnuts, Salmon and Flax seeds etc.

3. trans fats ; it’s most harmful than saturated fat because of it’s characteristics, it’s increase LDL and decreases Bad LDL it’s dangerous to heart health. 2 calories from our daily diet increase the risk of heart disease by 23 % it’s bit more than any other nutrient which effect the most our health if don’t take proper healthy food.

To keep yourself healthy and you heart you must take most of calories in your diet from Un-Saturated Fats. Some of healthy sources are mentioned below,

Sources of Total fats ;
-Avocados. approximately one avocado contain 23 gram of un saturated fat which is good for health.

-Walnut approximately 65 g per 100 gram and good for health.
-Olive oil 100 gram serve 100 g fat which 13% include saturated fat but moderately good for health.
-Salmon 3.8 gram per 100 gram which is good for heart health generally known.
-Cheese it’s incredibly rich in fat and generally good for health.
-Dark Chocolate and very high in fat serve 30 gram fat per 100 gram and generally good for health.
-whole eggs, fatty fish and chia seed and coconut oil etc…

Benefits of consuming Fat in Daily routine :
1. Better Body composition
2.More Muscles
3.Better reproductive Health
4.Less risk of depression
5. better brain work
6. stronge bones and less risk of cancer
7.strong immune system
8. Better skin and eye health

Where is need to take related supplement :
when you more calories than required in daily routine in the form of fat, our body stores these fat to into our muscles for instant energy use but we take more fat regularly and these fat can never be converted to energy unless we use supplement which first give enough energy to body to maintain it’s function properly and encourage to reduce our fat that store in our body muscles and convert them into energy. there are many supplements that claim best for weight lose but give side effects also we will discuss these kind of products in next article.

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