Andras Fiber Review: Does This Product Really Work?

Andras Fiber Review :

Lot of people across the globe young and old as well experience from hair loss. Hair loss will be embarrassing to anyone and can even negatively affect an individual’s self-confidence. There are so many reasons for hair loss and balding including age, genetic, styling damage, make-up, stress and lifestyle etc. These are most common of the many causes. Doesn’t matter what the reasons are, there are diverse ways you can treat hair loss and initiate the re-growth of your natural hair. Almost 4 of 10 women and 3 of 10 men experience hair loss in USA.

Here we start with a quote “Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off “. This saying seems general but believe me it has more meaning than words. Every part of our body deserve to maintain and care properly like if we say skin it needs different moisturizer to look glowing cause rude environment.  If you facing hair loss problem it’s not big issue because USA president also don’t have natural hair he implanted hair through different surgery which cost higher to average person like us, here is the main question arise what will we do if we can’t afford that expensive surgery . other condition may that these surgery(if also less in cost) risky and gave huge side effects that can never reversed. From some days I observed many people talking on different forums about Andras fiber to build hair volume instantly, Is that worked beautifully or it’s another scam and so on, Here is it’s total review including consumer who are using it currently.


What is Andras Fiber ?

The purpose of Andras Fiber to build up hair volume and density instantly. It may look powder in first glance but it’s not actually it’s made from fibrous protein named as keratin, which is main constituent of hair. Keratin which is complex protein is broken up into microscopic fibers with a precision-cut laser. The precision cut and the nature of the protein fabricates the look and texture of real hair, Letting it to seamlessly blend in with your natural hair fibers. And these tiny fibers are actually electro-statically charged, so they stick to the existing hairs on your head and the surface cells of your scalp with static’s equally benefited to men and women and Andras fiber dose not grow hair but it conceal the thinning and balding area.


Manufacture ?

Andras Fiber is manufactured by National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd, This is a company that sells other supplements like fitness and skin care products and very successful in their business. There is not any complaint registered against this company.


Factors Influence to Choose Hair Loss Concealer ?

What you put on your head hair and scalp will surely impact your overall hair health and Hair Loss Concealer products include as well, when choosing any hair loss concealer keep in mind these factors ,

Real Human Hair ? Actually this is the only material that is safe to use on you hair and scalp, If you want to cover your baldness only real hair can do this trick.

Natural keratin Fibers ? this is the material helps when you suffer thinning hair and baldness. Andras Fiber contains all natural keratin and never contain powder at all, actually Andras fiber ensuring you covered effectively bald area. Everyone know powder fall off easily from scalp this condition may put you in embarrassing condition if it may happen.

Animal products, wool, or mess ? yes it is basic factor no other material belong to your hair or scalp other than real human hair fibers.


Andras Fiber never used any animal hair fibers and other material that harm you.


Benefits of Andras Fiber ?


  • Helpful for both Women and Men
  • Results are instant – within a seconds
  • Using the latest Fiber Technology in Hair loss Concealer
  • The Hair Fibers are less in weight, won’t keep moisture, and are unnoticeable from inches away
  • Stays in from Shampoo to Shampoo
  • You can also use your other hair growth Supplements with Andras Fiber continuously
  • You can order Andras Fiber according to color of your hair


How to Use Andras Fiber ( Hair Loss Concealer ) ?

Wash your hair normally and dry it just like you do in normal routine and pick the Andras Fiber and Gently shake the fibers over thinning area or bald spots.Now lightly pat down on your hair to set the fibers in place and for better result use spray a bit of your regular  hair holding spray for your hair style on Fiber sprinkled areas.

Testimonial ?


Hair Loss Forums and Andras Fiber website are both full of testimonials to the effects of this product. Moreover, In our own communities, we are able to find few people who are willing to testify to its effects on Hair and Scalp as well.

Matthew L. 30


Thank you Andras Fiber for this most amazing product I have ever used.It’s really very instant solution to thinning hair and by the way I’m using first time Hair loss product in my life, cause I hate surgery and priority to go barber for total head Bald.

Bernardo N. 35


Andras Fiber has become my favorite concealer of the above mentioned. Coverage is easy to attain, and natural as well. it dose not contain synthetic dyes or chemicals, no artificial fillers and preservatives, and no animal ingredients, like the other hair conceal fiber products on the market. It’s manufacture from organic material. Plus, the bottle indicates with measuring lines, so I can know without guessing the volume in the fiber bottle. I can never understand why the other companies product don’t at least have a indicators to view fiber level. The color is true and geniune, Will be use in the future when ever i go to meet my relatives.

Heather J. 41


If you got some amount of thin hair, Andras Fiber will do wonders. I actually sprinkle a bit on my bald spot, spot miraculously disappears, combing my hair and touch my hair after 20 seconds. The fibers increases the existing hair miraclously in genuine way. I’m really thankful for this product.

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